The basics:

  • Full tuition for those who arrive in September 2020 is $18,000. This covers the two years of enrollment at Sposato in pursuit of the MET—the pre-service year as well as the first year of full-time teaching. (The remaining cost of training is paid for by donors and the schools which hire our alumni.)

  • No money is collected during the first year of Sposato. Tuition is collected once graduates start receiving their paychecks as full-time teachers. We collect tuition in 6 payments, spread out across three years.

  • Trainees have the option to “healthy exit” Sposato through October 31st of the first year, if they conclude the fit is wrong. No tuition is owed by trainees who healthy exit before this deadline.

  • After the healthy exit deadline:

    • Trainees who persist in Sposato past October 31st incur an obligation to pay the first $3,000 of Sposato tuition. If a trainee exits during this phase, only $3,000 is owed.

    • Trainees who pass the December Gateway and choose to pursue a teaching license and a job with Sposato incur an obligation to pay the next $12,000 in tuition—so $15,000 in total. If a trainee exits during this second phase, only $15,000 is owed.

    • Trainees who complete all the requirements of Sposato Year One and choose to pursue coursework and evaluation towards the Sposato Masters Degree incur an obligation to pay the final $3,000 in tuition—so $18,000 in total.


Why do we keep tuition so low?  Sposato works aggressively to capture the best candidates, including those with limited financial means.  As a result, tuition only covers a fraction of total training costs.  The schedule of tuition obligations is designed to enable students several opportunities to "opt in" or "opt out" of the next phase, based upon their professional and career goals.