What do school leaders say about the Sposato students they have hired?

Sposato Placement Directory:
Use this link to read about some of the schools and networks that have hired our residents since the program's inception. There is a full list of schools and networks listed below.

"Ellie is the best first year teacher I’ve ever seen."
–Amy D’Angelo, Principal, Achievement First Bushwick

"Laura is light years beyond a traditional first year teacher.  In hiring a graduate of the Match program we got more than a great teacher, we hired a practitioner who never stops learning and growing her own practice."
–Jason Singer, Principal, KIPP King, San Lorenzo, CA

"Katie is exceeding all expectations. It is obvious that her training at Match had a huge impact."
–Josh Zoia, Executive Director, KIPP Lynn

"Elena has built a culture of achievement and engagement in her classroom which is truly remarkable.  Her students are captivated by her and she can consistently engage even the school’s most struggling students. "
–Jamie Morisson, Principal, UP Academy Boston

"Last year we hired two teachers from your program, John and Emily. It's one of the best things that has ever happened to our young school!"
–Beth Anderson, Executive Director, Phoenix Charter Academy

What do alumni have to say about their Sposato experience?

"Sposato pushed me to think about my subject area in ways I'd never thought I would need to do in order to teach successfully. Now, when creating or revising lessons, I always think ahead to what my key points will be in my lesson, how I can break the material down in a way that students can understand it, and I try and create practice for students that is varied and rigorous."
–Veronica Gentile, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Boston Preparatory Charter Public School

"Think about the best teacher you ever had. Now imagine that instead of having to share him or her with your 24 peers, you are their only pupil.  This is what spring and summer coaching are like at Sposato. Your coach is not just extremely knowledgeable, they believe in you. Each time you meet with your coach she'll give you specific detailed feedback on what went well (often verbatim and down to the second) and 1 key thing you should improve for next time. Then she'll tell you how to accomplish this change. Under this process it is impossible not to grow into a highly effective teacher."
–Laule'a Gorden-Kuehn, 7th Grade Math Teacher, UP Academy Charter School of Boston

"Sposato staff have great insight into the hiring processes for high-achieving charter networks. As a result they were able to effectively coach and support me through my entire job search. From preparing my first sample lesson all the way to deciding between jobs the Sposato consistently used their expertise to help me make the best decision possible!"
–Valerie Joelle, 7th Grade Math Teacher, UP Academy Charter School of Boston

"As a first-year teacher, I have an Sposato coach observe my class every week and we debrief afterwards. I can ask her about ways to support a particularly challenging student, the best way to manage my time, or differentiating teaching methods and classworks.  I can go to her for just about anything.  I have friends who completed other teaching programs and are extremely frustrated as first year teachers because they feel like they don't have anyone supporting them.  Teaching is challenging so it's great to have a go to person for all of my questions."
–Brittney Smith, 10th Grade Math Teacher, MATCH High School

What schools have hired SGSE Alumni?

  • Academy of the Pacific Rim
  • Achievement First Public Charter Schools
  • Alma del Mar Charter School
  • Bentley Academy Charter School
  • Blackstone Valley Prep Academy
  • Boston Preparatory Charter School
  • Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
  • Community Charter School of Cambridge
  • Community Day Charter Public Schools
  • Democracy Prep Public Schools
  • Excel Academy Charter Schools
  • KIPP Boston
  • KIPP Lynn
  • KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy
  • KIPP STAR Harlem
  • KIPP Strive
  • Match Charter Public Schools
  • Neighborhood House Charter School
  • Noble Schools
  • Roxbury Preparatory Charter School
  • Spark Academy
  • Success Academy Charter Schools
  • Summit Public Schools
  • Uncommon Schools
  • UP Academy